It's Sundae Dreams Time!

The sun is starting to shine, and our ice cream ​Sundae dream​s are back! W​hat better way to relax and catch up with friends​ than over a generous swirl of ice cream? 

We make our own delicious soft serve ice cream with real Madagascan vanilla for every​ Sundae then​ muddle and swirl it together with all natural sauces and delights to make it the perfect Sundae ​treat for everyone. And you know what? Throw a whole crunchy waffle ice cream cone on top to make it perfect! Curious? Get to know them!​

​Salted Caramel Brownie

Our best seller is ​muddled​ with our award winning salted caramel sauce and big chunks or our moist gluten free brownie. It’s the perfect combination and a crowd pleaser!


Dream Bar

Inspired by our award winning product, the Dream Bar, it’s topped with a delicious chocolate crackle and muddled with​ honeycomb and biscuit wafer​ to make it crunchy and yummy!


OMG It’s Green!

Yep, our classic combination of matcha and raspberry made it to our sundaes! This one has our exclusive green tea crackle, raspberry pieces​ and real rose petals to make it aromatic and a true eye candy.

Have you chosen yours? Now just come and visit us to try it!

Cutter & Squidge Shop & Cafe

20 Brewer St – London – WF1 0SJ


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