Cutter & Squidge Ltd sells vouchers which are valid for 10 months from the date of issue (unless otherwise stated) and each recipient is free to purchase tickets using their vouchers as payment on any available date for The Common Room London.
The vouchers are for the purchase of The Common Room London tickets and are STRICTLY subject to availability. In order to avoid disappointment, we STRONGLY advise that you purchase your tickets for The Common Room experience well in advance and DO NOT organise travel or accommodation until the purchase of the tickets has been confirmed by Cutter & Squidge Ltd. 
If there is no ticket availability during the validity of your vouchers, the vouchers can be used to purchase items from Cutter & Squidge Ltd for the same value. Please contact us to organise this transfer.


Please do not arrive at the venue expecting to redeem your gift voucher on the day. The Common Room London is a pre purchase ticket experience. You MUST first PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS for an available date using your vouchers.
Please visit https://cutterandsquidge.com/pages/afternoon-tea-london and follow the instructions to choose an available date and time. Before moving on to the checkout, click ENTER PROMO CODE add your voucher code to redeem your voucher. 
Cutter & Squidge Ltd will not be held liable for any costs incurred if you do not follow the procedure set out in these Terms and Conditions and those on our website https://cutterandsquidge.com/pages/afternoon-tea-london.
Cutter & Squidge Ltd will not be held liable or responsible if you cannot find ticket availability that suits you.
Your voucher code can only be used once.


Each voucher is valid for a maximum of TEN months from the date of issue unless otherwise stated. 
A voucher will be deemed to be invalid if it is out of date (the validity date is clearly stated on the voucher).
If the recipient is unable to use the voucher before the expiry date then, subject to The Common Room London experience being available, the voucher can be extended by a payment of a standard admin fee of £20, the recipient must contact hello@cutterandsquidge.com to request an extension prior to expiry of the voucher. Vouchers can only be extended if they are still inside their expiry date and if The Common Room London is still available. 


All vouchers are strictly non refundable and have a cash value of £0.01. Any Common Room London tickets purchased using vouchers are also NON REFUNDABLE Please see the Common Room standard terms and conditions at https://cutterandsquidge.com/pages/terms-conditions-the-common-room