What is a biskie?

A biskie is a fresh, handmade, unique biscuit/cookie/cake creation filled with our special lightened buttercream. Our buttercream was specially created so that we could halve the amount butter and sugar we use and pack it full of real fruit, premium chocolate and other delicious things for maximum flavour. The biskie has a unique texture of crisp, soft, chewy and lusciously melty, as well as being a luxurious flavour fiesta in your mouth.

How big is a biskie?

A Biskie is the size of a standard apple, around 6.5cm in diameter and 4.5cm high!

Baby biskies are just that! around 3cm in diameter and 2.5 cm high!

How do you pronounce biskie?

Bisk-ee- we are hoping for a dictionary entry soon!

Where can I collect my order from?

Every day from our Soho store on 20 Brewer Street.

Where do you deliver to and how much does it cost?

We have two delivery options :

Nationwide shipping Tues-Fri £15.50, UK mainland only, (available for all products excluding all Dreamcakes). Please enquire for Highland and Island shipping.

Your order will be sent on a signed for next day delivery arriving on the date specified by you. Please ensure your recipient is at the address between the hours of 9:00am-17.00pm. If a person is not a the address the parcel will be taken to the depot and a note will be left for the parcel to redelivered.

London same day Mon-Fri

Biskies, Baby Biskies & Dream Cakes can be delivered to most London locations (see list below) by special courier. If you cannot find your postcode then please call us on 020 77342540 or e-mail us on order@cutterandsquidge.com and we can arrange a quote.

ZONE A = £8.00

W1, W2, SW1, SW3, SW5, SW6, SW7, SW10

ZONE B = £10.50

WC1, WC2, W6, W8, W11, W14,SW4, SW8

ZONE C = £12.50

EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, NW1, NW8, SE1, SE11, W9, W10, SW9, SW11, SW18

ZONE D = £15.50

E1, NW3, NW5, NW6, N1, SW2, SW12, SW15, SE17, SW16, SW17, SW19, SW20, W4

ZONE E = £20.50

E2, E14, SW17, SW19, N6

International Delivery

We can also arrange delivery internationally please call us on 020 77342540 7056 or e-mail us on orders@cutterandsquidge.com and we can arrange a quote

*Please note*

To ensure your biskies arrive safely and in once piece, we send them with additional packaging to keep them secure throughout their journey to you. Please remove all additional packaging before consumption.

How much notice do you need?

48 hrs ... We bake everything fresh, so we need time to cook, cook, cook!

What if I am having a biskie or cake emergency?

Please S.O.S us on 02077342540 and we will see what we can do!

Can I choose a specific collection or delivery time?

Due to the craziness of London traffic we cannot guarantee specific delivery times but your products will arrive on the day! If you are having an emergency or can only receive your order at a certain time, please call us on 020 7734 2540 and we can see what we can do.

Collections from our shop during our published opening times.

There is an error on my order confirmation. What should I do?

Please call us on 020 77342540 by 10am the day before your order is due for delivery or collection.

My confirmation email hasn’t arrived. What should I do?

Your email might be delayed or hidden in your spam folder, so please check your spam folder. If your e-mail still hasn’t arrived after an hour, please call us on 020 77342540 so we can check to see if your order has been processed.

Why do I need to show my order confirmation or provide my proof of identity when collecting my order?

This is to avoid any mix ups!

A signature will also be required on receipt/collection of your order.

How can I cancel or amend my order?

Please call us on 02077342540 before 10am the day before your order is due to be collected or delivered.

If your order is over £100, we will require 48 hours notice for cancellation

Can I order biskies or other products for my company?

Of course! We cater for corporate orders and events. We can personalise biskies or other products with your corporate branding either on the biskie itself or the packaging.

Please call us on 02077342540 or e-mail us on orders@cutterandsquidge.com and we can go through the options.

Can I order biskies for my wedding or party?

Most definitely! We can personalise biskies or other products for your wedding or party. You can even order a full traditional wedding cake decorated with biskies!

Please call us on 02077342540 or e-mail us on orders@cutterandsquidge.com.

How long will a biskie last?

Your order will have been made fresh and that's really when biskies are at their best – crispy and chewy with a luscious soft centre. If you want to keep them for over 24hrs, we advise you pop them in the fridge and they will happily last for 3-4 days, you will notice that they will become softer but will still taste deeeeelicious!

Squidge’s favourite way to eat a biskie is to leave it in the fridge for a day until it is softer, then take it out, leave it to warm up a bit and devour it- cookie monster style.

How long will a dream cake last?

Your order will have been made fresh and that's really when your cake is at its best. If you want to keep it for over 24hrs then please keep it in a cool dry place and devour it within 2 days of delivery. Please do not refrigerate your dream cake.

Are Biskies and dream cakes suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, yes, yes...!

Biskies and dream cakes are made from all natural ingredients- free range eggs, proper English farmhouse butter, organic flour and sugar.

Are Biskies and Dream Cakes gluten free?

We use organic British wheat flour so no, BUT please check out our wheat free brownies!

Please follow us to keep up to date with our gluten and wheat free product launches.

Can I stock Biskies or your other products in my shop?

We are currently working with London based outlets, if you are interested in stocking our biskies or other products, then please e-mail us on info@cutterandsquidge.com.

Why do you have a dog in your logo?

Well, we most definitely do not put dog in our products (!), our logo was designed by an artist friend of ours and he hand drew each element for us and these represent something about us or the ingredients we use. The dog is our mascot, a 10 year old chocolate Labrador called Coco, need we say more?

E-mail, Tweet or FB us if you would like to know why the monkey is there...

Can I work for Cutter & Squidge?

We are always looking for great talent so please feel free to send a covering e-mail and your CV to joinus@cutterandsquidge.com.

Are the prices on the website the same as the prices at the shop?

No, special online prices are quoted. Prices may vary through other sales channels or in store.

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