Potion Room Menu - Afternoon Tea London

Our afternoon tea menus are inspired by classic British flavours with a magical twist.

We serve a savoury and sweet selection to all Potion Room students. We are able to cater for dietary preferences, please see below the special menus available.

Standard menu

A delicious, savoury Afternoon Tea inspired by classic British flavours, combined with the drinkable and edible potions you will be creating. You will be bubbling to the brim by the time your class ends!

Children's menu

For all young wizards and witches! A smaller version of our fantastical afternoon tea, with a Galaxy Juice and a fun Crackling Cauldron starter potion class, and delicious finger sandwiches, as well as plenty of magical desserts.

Vegetarian menu

For those witches and wizards keen on herbology, we have a very special vegetarian menu for you.  Featuring finger sandwiches including Vegetarian roast dinner, Ploughman’s, and Avocado & Roasted Vegetables, a creamy leek and cheese pie and plenty of sweet delicious desserts plus all the same fun potion making!

Vegan menu

A magical, vegan afternoon tea in London? Yes! We welcome all witches and wizards to our Potions Class. We serve up plant-based concoctions such as delicious lemon and coconut cream inspired potion, vegan roast dinner finger sandwiches, and indulgent fudgy chocolate cauldron cake. We also have some surprises not on the menu!

Wheat-Free Menu


Wheat-Free Wizards and Witches, we serve you up this enchanted afternoon tea, with lashings of finger sandwiches, savoury bites and even a wheat-free Yorkshire pudding! Please be advised, as this is made in a kitchen that handles gluten, traces of gluten may be present.


This spell-binding afternoon tea for the dairy-free amongst us. Please note this menu still uses meat, please look at the vegan menu if you are keen on herbology. We have a magical dairy-free cream for your potions and scones, and an array of savoury treats.


Students, one must keep hydrated! We offer refillable loose leaf tea, americano coffee or pumpkin juice, but we also have a marvellous range of tempting alcoholic potions for our older students.