Wedding Biskies

As our unique signature creations, Biskies will give your wedding a deliciously different touch. They are made with a 100% all natural ingredients in the shape of a sandwiched treat filled with a special lightened buttercream, handmade jams, caramels and other delights.


Biskies Cake

Our Biskies can be assembled in the shape of a tiered wedding cake, with exclusive colours and decorations. It makes for the perfect alternative to a tiered cake where guests can serve themselves, as each Biskie serves 1 person.


Biskies Decoration

To compliment your wedding cake, Biskies can be made to match the style of your party. They can be personalised in colour and flavour within ​our​ range of natural food colourings available.




Our Biskies and Baby Biskies can be personalised in flavour, decoration and even contain a short saying. They’ll come individually placed in the packaging of your choice to match the style of your wedding. Favour are specially developed for each celebration, so contact us for more information!



If you wish to book a consultation, have a special request, or wish to receive further information, please contact us on 020 7371 7056 or email 

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