We've got a new edition instore, BUNS! Baked fresh each morning, our Milk buns hold a sweet flavour and a soft feathery texture that melts in the mouth. Both savoury and sweet, enjoy them warm straight out of the oven exclusively in our Soho store every morning!

On the menu:

Sweet and Spicy K Twist: Best eaten warm, Our springy milk roll twists get coated with a perfectly balanced sweet and spicy Korean sauce and topped with roasted spring onion and sesame seeds. Oh, and it's accidentally vegan!

Mango and Tahitian Vanilla Milk Roll: Love at first bite, These colourful little milk rolls have a luscious mango filling, glazed with Tahitian vanilla syrup and dusted with strawberry powder and lime zest.

Brown Sugar Coconut custard Milk Bun: Fluffy Vegan Milk bread dough, stuffed with coconut and caramelly brown sugar custard, finished with matcha powder.

Cinnamon Milk Bread Swirl: Vegan cinnamon milk dough, rolled in layers of buttery brown cinnamon sugar and coated in a luscious citrus glaze.

Mushroom and cheese Milk Bun : Smoked melty vegan cheese with garlic mushrooms stuffed into a warm and pillowy soft milk roll.

Mature Cheddar and smoked ham: Melted Cheddar Cheese and smoked ham filled inside a wispy milk bun, topped with smoked paprika, best served warm.

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