- All Gift Vouchers are valid for 10 months from the day of purchase

- Your voucher can be used multiple times until you have used up all the credit

- Our regular C&S gift card can be used on cakes, biskies, all baked goods!  Yes, wedding cakes too! They can't be used on purchasing other gift cards, shipping, or Potion Room tickets (we have special vouchers for that!)

How to Redeem >

    3. Black Friday 2020
    1. Black Friday offer is 50% off selected gift vouchers.
    1. Gift Vouchers are automatically discounted.
    1. Offer valid from 23/11/2020 00:01am GMT and expires 30/11/2020 11:59pm GMT, or until vouchers are sold out in the case of Hello Kitty vouchers.
    1. Offer valid online at cutterandsquidge.com only.
    1. Offer not valid on tickets and classes for sale, only vouchers.
    1. Offer cannot be applied retrospectively.
    1. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, and vouchers purchased cannot be used to buy other gift vouchers.
    1. Corporate client discounts cannot be used in conjunction with Black Friday offers.

    8a. Bulk purchases are not available in the Black Friday offer, vouchers need to be purchases individually and will not have a dedicated account manager to assist them.

    8b. Corporate customers who have purchased vouchers at the reduced Black Friday rate, will be responsible for placing the orders for delivery themselves via our website. Individual orders will be necessary as multiple codes cannot be used and delivery to multiple addresses is not possible via website orders.

    1. Only 2000 Hello Kitty vouchers are available. Once sold out, this offer is no longer valid or available for this voucher.
    1. Only one Cutter & Squidge standard voucher can be purchased per order.

    2. Gift vouchers not applicable on shipping costs unless specified.

    3.  Cutter & Squidge E-Gift Vouchers cannot be used on the Potion Room, only Potion Room vouchers can be used to buy Potion Room tickets.

    4. Gift vouchers are strictly non refundable. Afternoon tea vouchers can be exchanged for our general gift vouchers of equivalent value. Vouchers are cash redeemable and every voucher is £0.01 cashable value.

    5. Selected gift vouchers are as follows:
    • Beginners Cake Decorating Masterclass for 1: £50
    • Beginners Cake Decorating Masterclass for 2: £100
    • Classic Flower Cake Masterclass for 1: £97.50
    • Classic Flower Cake Masterclass for 2: £195
    • Afternoon Tea for 2 in Soho: £25
    • Afternoon Tea for 2 At Home: £17.95
    • Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea for 2: £22.95 (limited to 2000 vouchers)
    • Potion Room Child Ticket: £19.75
    • Potion Room Child VIP Ticket: £27.25
    • Potion Room Standard Ticket: £24.75
    • Potion Room VIP Ticket: £39.75
    • Cutter & Squidge E-Gift Voucher