The Spookiest Season has arrived!

Halloween is all about tucking into treats and sinking your fangs into all things sweet.

Lucky for you, all of our cakes are all natural and only use as much sugar as needed to make it is fangtastically delicious.

We have given our cakes a creepy cake-over, as well as bringing in new halloween biskies, brownies and loaves! All of our cakes are made fresh to order and available to deliver in London, or to pick up in any of our three stores. Order your Halloween cakes ready for October 31st today! 


£14.90 Box of 12 
Lil spooky baby biskies, bite sized pieces of yum which are perfect for all Halloween parties! Chocolate and vanilla cauldron biskies and fuzzy cookie monster biskies make up this mix box of spooky delights.
£19.80 Box of 6
These ghoulish treats are something to sink your fangs into! Rich chocolate brownies, with spooky white chocolate eyes and topped with colourful halloween sprinkles.  
From £35
Our Choc Chip Cookie Cake has had a creepy cakeover for Halloween. With layers of moist chocolate sponge, this knockout is packed with irresistibly moreish orange cookie buttercream, fresh chocolate custard and choc chip cookie crumbs. 
From £45
Eeek! Our best-selling S'mores cake has been spookified for Halloween, with all bits and body parts! Layers of scarily moist chocolate cake, digestive buttercream, choc buttercream and choc custard, BIG chunks of vegetarian marshmallow, and blood-red cherry jam.
- £35 Box of 10
Packed with autumnal flavours like cinnamon and spices, swirled with a sweet caramel drizzle and topped with a charcoal buttercream, and finished with spooky sprinkles.
£18.90 Box of 6 
This naughty biskie has eaten all of the chocolate chip buttercream and cookies. A perfect trick or treat for halloween parties, this biskie's fuzz is made from green coconut, and it has a cheeky strawberry tongue. Frightfully delicious and a great choice for Halloween party food.
£18.90 Box of 6
A delightfully spooky cauldron biskie for all you wizards and witches out there. This chocolate concoction is filled with a swirl of charcoal vanilla buttercream and holds a secret butterscotch core, and is completed by a vanilla buttercream topping with sprinkles. 
Can't decide which biskies to go for? Why not both?
£18.90 Box of 6

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