Summer is here and with it are new flavours, as well as the launch of the Feel Good Club!

“What is the feel good club?!”, you ask… well, we wanted to celebrate self-empowerment, supporting friends and practicing mindfulness. We want to announce the arrival of summer with fun, bold colours and strong flavours with products that make you feel good. And all that sunshine makes you feel happy too! And so the FEEL GOOD CLUB was born.

It is more of a concept rather than an actual club you need a membership for. Treat yourself, treat your friends, do what makes you happy. Support one another.
We are here to make delicious cakes and so the very core of what we do is helping people with special occasions and celebrations. Or even if you are having a tough day, a slice of your favourite cake does a lot to help!

To mark the return of summer, we are launching new cakes and biskies.

Passionfruit & Pistachio // Yuzu Mango – a Returning Customer Favourite! // Chocolate Berry Cheesecake
Raspberry Passionfruit Bomb // Pistachio S’more // Rhubarb & Custard Biskie
We also launched Make Monday’s Great Again a few weeks ago. This is available at both of our stores on Monday’s, just drop in and with your coffee to go you get another on the house, perfect for treating a friend or a work colleague!

Keep your eyes out for other fun activities and happenings around our stores!
Love, Team C&S x



Jennifer Susinski

Jennifer Susinski said:

Hello – I love that you do Master Classes, but wonder do you have plans to switch up the cakes that are made. Lucky for me the Lemon Blueberry is one of my favs, but it would be great to learn how to make the others are well.


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