All Natural Baking with Cutter & Squidge

Cake Decorating Masterclasses


Our classes are currently postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions, however we have an update coming very, very soon!

We thank you for your support & patience during these times.

Cake Decorating Classes
in London

At Cutter & Squidge we be believe that decorating absolutely wow-cakes is something that everyone can do. Our approach to decorating is about breaking the rules; having the confidence to have fun and experiment with the ingredients to add some real personality.

So after too many requests to count we’re doing it - we’re offering classes on decorating cakes in the distinctive Cutter & Squidge style.

All Natural Baking

At Cutter & Squidge, we focus on all-natural ingredients and not using more sugar or fat than is necessary, without compromising on taste. All of our colours are obtained from fruits and veggies. Think spirulina, beetroot extracts, blueberry, carrot - there is a whole world of ingredients to explore!

In these masterclasses, we will share our knowledge of working with natural ingredients and using them in your baking.

Baking in progress...

Hold on to your cake tins, something exciting is in the works! We are just putting on the finishing touches...