Simply Naked

Have you ever dreamed of designing you own wedding cake? Our Simply Naked Wedding Cake was designed just for that. It is a true and tasty white canvas to be completed with flowers, fruits or any elements that strike the couple's imagination or party theme.

If you like the Simply Naked Wedding Cake, but would like it to be fully decorated, please click here.

Small (8" & 6", stacked): serves approx. 40 people* 

Medium (10", 8" & 6", stacked): serves approx. 100 people*

Large (12", 10", 8" & 6", stacked): serves approx. 160 people*

After the order is placed, a member of our Wedding Team will contact you about the flavours of the cake. Cake is provided as shown, with no extra decorations. 

* Based on 2" x 2" pieces

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