Summer is here and with it are new flavours, as well as the launch of the Feel Good Club!

“What is the feel good club?!”, you ask… well, we wanted to celebrate self-empowerment, supporting friends and practicing mindfulness. We want to announce the arrival of summer with fun, bold colours and strong flavours with products that make you feel good. And all that sunshine makes you feel happy too! And so the FEEL GOOD CLUB was born.

It is more of a concept rather than an actual club you need a membership for. Treat yourself, treat your friends, do what makes you happy. Support one another.
We are here to make delicious cakes and so the very core of what we do is helping people with special occasions and celebrations. Or even if you are having a tough day, a slice of your favourite cake does a lot to help!

To mark the return of summer, we are launching new cakes and biskies.

Passionfruit & Pistachio // Yuzu Mango – a Returning Customer Favourite! // Chocolate Berry Cheesecake
Raspberry Passionfruit Bomb // Pistachio S’more // Rhubarb & Custard Biskie
We also launched Make Monday’s Great Again a few weeks ago. This is available at both of our stores on Monday’s, just drop in and with your coffee to go you get another on the house, perfect for treating a friend or a work colleague!

Keep your eyes out for other fun activities and happenings around our stores!
Love, Team C&S x


May 24, 2019 by erin bishop
NEW! All natural decorating - Masterclasses

NEW! All natural decorating - Masterclasses

We are delighted to announce a series of cake decorating masterclasses, launching in May 2019!
In line with Cutter & Squidge’s all-natural baking ethos, this fun and hands-on decorating class will teach cake enthusiasts how they can ditch the food dye for good, and use natural colourings to achieve fantastic results. Decorating techniques will also be a part of the classes with participants going away able to design and create their own cakes, skilled in the art of buttercreaming for that flawless finish and able to construct a semi-naked layer cake like a Cutter & Squidge pro!


What to Expect:

Classes last two hours and will be held on Saturdays at 3pm at Cutter & Squidge’s new Royal Exchange store in the heart of the City of London.

On arrival, guests will be greeted with some tasty treats and a Bellini or two (or a coffee or tea) and kitted out with an apron.

Classes are for up to eight people

Each class will focus on a different cake from the Cutter & Squidge Dream Cake Collection

Classes are hands on. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to get messy, eat frosting, and everyone will get to work at their own station complete with all the kit needed.

Throughout the class, participants will be able to take pictures and can even take a picture of their finished cake on a stand in the shop window display!

At the end, Cutter & Squidge will carefully box the cakes for participants to take home and enjoy.


We also offer private cake decorating classes. These are great for hen-dos, birthdays, or just a day out with family and friends. Private classes can accommodate up to eight people. When booking a private class, you can choose which cake the class will focus on. You can also request a BYO (bring your own) decorations class, whereby everyone can choose their favourite sweets and treats to get creative decorating their cakes with. To find out more, get in touch with our bookings team by emailing
To book, Go here! 


April 22, 2019 by Rebecca Rank
January Update

January Update

January is here again and a new year is upon us.

It is easy to get a case of the blues after Christmas, but here at C&S HQ and in Soho we are shaking this off and are all about brightening your January!

We have filled our windows with colour and are celebrating fresh, bright ingredients and delicious produce. Think fruity teas, squidgy cookies and snappy gingerbread, as well as fun tote bags, colourful mugs, and cute teapots!


We also take this time to shine a spotlight on our staff - we like to have a special call out every month to celebrate our awesome team members, and this time it is a December & January combo, as we celebrate both Kanako and Sophia from our Soho store!

😍 What do you love the most about C&S? 😍

K - Very friendly and kind staff, feels like family working here. I get the chance to practice my English as there is no other members that speak Japanese in store and I get to learn about English culture with things like afternoon tea.

S - I enjoy working here because the team is fun and even if sometimes I am having a bad day, I know that I have someone to talk to and laugh with at work.

😋 What is your favourite product? 😋

K - Caramel crunch pie is definitely my favourite!

S - I really love the cookie dough brownie! 

With January in full swing, what are your resolutions and intentions for the year ahead? Mine is eat more cake... I am going to be strong and not give up!!

Looking ahead, Valentine's Day is around the corner, as is Chinese New Year, and after that Spring will be almost here. We have lots of new, exciting product on its way, and maybe some other secrets. If you want to be in the know, join the family here

That's all for this month! Have a wonderful January and be good!
Team C&S x
January 08, 2019 by Customer Service
Festive Fun for Kids!

Festive Fun for Kids!

At Cutter & Squidge, we are a family with a background in food who love to cook, bake and generally create a kitchen mess! And what better way to spend time with your little ones this festive season than getting your hands stuck in sticky dough, getting messy, and creating masterpieces?

We have rounded up our favourite treats to make (and eat!!) over the Christmas holidays. What are your family's favourite traditions and seasonal snacking go-to's?

All of the below products are available in-store now to purchase before Christmas, or online for delivery after Christmas!

Shortbread DIY Kit

Bake at home with Cutter & Squidge! Perfect for whatever level of baking skill you possess, this fun, easy shortbread stars DIY kit is a wonderful stocking filler and activity to do over the holidays. With a recipe how-to inside, this kit includes:

1 x Dry flour mix
1 x Red all natural sprinkles
1 x Bag of Dark Chocolate
3 x Star cutters
1 x Piping bottle

This mixture is as easy as roll, bake, decorate! The only hard part is deciding if you want to share, or eat them all yourself! 

Make up the shortbread with the mix, roll it out and use our fun star shaped cutters to get your biscuits! Pop them in the oven and in the meantime, melt down the chocolate (parents, this is your step).

Once the biscuits are cooked, we can make them look pretty with the melted chocolate and fun sprinkles! We give you all the materials for this (just a few basics needed from your fridge).

Shortbread DIY kit - £9.90


Naughty or nice? This treat is a bit of both! Choose your favourite cookie, whether it is classic chocolate chip, triple chocolate or maybe something special like peanut dulce de leche or pistachio - mmm!

Scoop up your favourite ice cream, wedge it between two cookies and scoff! Any left over cookies (if any) can be left with a glass of milk as a special treat for Santa.

Cookies (various flavours) - £4.90 per bag

Ice Cream - from your own fridge!

Festive Film Night

Having a festive movie marathon? Watching Frozen for the bazillionith time? Either way, you have to make sure to be stocked to the brim with snacks! 

Of course, popcorn is the ultimate movie munch, and our salted caramel popcorn is loved by kids and adults alike! 

Salted caramel popcorn - £4.90

Magical Marshmallow Hot Chocolates

We can't think of a better way to end Christmas Eve, than putting out treats for Santa and then snuggling up with a cosy hot chocolate before getting tucked into bed. Choose from our three flavours of fun, yummy, hot chocolate spoons: White Chocolate with Raspberries, Milk and White Chocolate, or Dark Chocolate with Marshmallows!

Parents, just heat up some milk and then let them (with your guidance) stir in their hot chocolate spoon until it melts! Then top with a chunky wedge of our veggie-friendly marshmallow! Again, spoiled with the flavours - choose from Toasted Coconut, Salted Caramel or regular Toasted!

Some ideas: How about a White Choc Raspberry Hot Chocolate with Coconut Marshmallow? Or Luscious Dark Hot Choc with extra Toasted Marshmallow, or divine Milk Hot Chocolate with White Chocolate Flakes topped with a sweet Salted Caramel Marshmallow.

Marshmallows - £4.50 (for a box)

Hot Choc Spoons - £3.50 per spoon

December 21, 2018 by Customer Service
A Very Vegan Christmas Gift Guide

A Very Vegan Christmas Gift Guide

Vegan Christmas Gifts... where to begin? What to get? Relax! Our Xmas shopping guide makes finding presents a piece of cake *pun intended*. Maybe you are vegan yourself and looking for a delish Christmas cake to devour on the 25th, or you are looking for a gift for the vegan in your life. Either way, let our gift guide...
December 14, 2018 by Customer Service
At Home: How to Make a Perfect Lychee Rose Latte

At Home: How to Make a Perfect Lychee Rose Latte

As the chill of winter draws in, we turn to snuggly blankets, cosy jumpers and delicious hot drinks. I don't know about you, but I love the festive season and the chance to unwind and take some time to myself. 

In our Soho store, we have a selection of rainbow lattes made from all natural ingredients to keep you pumped during the shorter, dark days, with a favourite being the bright, sweet Lychee Rose Latte. 

We thought it was so popular, it would be fun to make our lattes into a gift set, to allow you to make it at home, and also to gift to friends!

Lychee rose latte in glass and kit

Starting with the Lychee Rose, this is a perfect gift for friends who love their superfoods, or even as a Secret Santa present as it is under a tenner. 

In this post, we will take you through how to make the perfect Lychee Rose Latte. This easy, DIY kit is just six, simple steps. It can be used with any milks (making it a great gift for your vegan friend!) and each kit makes 6 lattes. Yum! 

TASTE: Floral, Earthy Undertones, Fruity



STEEP THE TEA - add a tablespoon of tea inside the tea infuser ball and steep in boiling hot water for 2 - 3 minutes. The tea is a special Cutter & Squidge blend!


ADD A TEASPOON of the pink powder and stir. The pink powder is made from beetroot to give your latte that wonderful pink hue.


FROTH 100ml of your favourite milk, we love oat and coconut milk best!


POUR MILK on the brewed lychee tea.


SPRINKLE the latte with rose petals + raspberries.


ENJOY your uniquely fragrant, all natural lychee rose latte.


Show us your creations! Tag us on Instagram #cutterandsquidge #diylycheeroselatte

November 20, 2018 by Customer Service
Holidays are Coming!

Holidays are Coming!

Christmas is just around the corner, and we have so many new festive products this year! We have curated this years collection to bring Cutter & Squidge into your home, as well as gifts for everyone , including stocking fillers and secret santa gifts.
October 29, 2018 by Customer Service
Tanya Burr stops off for cake and tea!

Tanya Burr stops off for cake and tea!

The lovely and gorgeous Tanya Burr has written an amazing post on her blog www.tanyaburr.co.uk about Cutter & Squidge. 
May 13, 2016 by Annabel Lui
Estee Stories

Estee Stories

Our very own masterminds Annabel & Emily Lui are in this inspiring story presented by Estee Lauder’s Estee Stories blog, with a little bit of their path into making sweet delightful things. You will also find a step-by-step instruction on how to make the Limited Edition Blush Dream Cake, that was inspired by the colours of Estee Lauder’s new line of Pure Colour Envy blushers!

May 03, 2016 by Adrian Adi